Migration is done

So, the time has come. There has been a break for a while. Maintaining my own server became too time consuming and so I am currently in the process of moving all my services to a cheaper full service provider. This website is now online. The technology with content in Markdown and rendering via Hugo has remained the same, a great software, easy to use and fast. I also made two or three changes to the theme for the new site and now I can get back to work.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It is 17 March. And what about it? Well, it’s St. Patrick’s Day ☘️ again. It’s one of the island’s wonderful traditions, very special, celebrated and with its own culinary delights. And so I’ve yesterday prepared myself cooking a big pot of Irish Stew. It was left to mature overnight and I treated myself to it today with a delicious Guinness. Now I’m rounding off the evening with a fine Bushmills 10 yo.

C&S Dram Senior Balblair 21 yo

After a Balblair 27 yo from 1974, I was interested in more special bottlings of these malts. A hunt via eBay then led me to this C&S Dram Senior Balblair 21 yo. Cheap at the time of purchase, now hardly available or only at a premium. Nose This particular Belblair welcomes the nose with a very special aroma. It contains intense, partly sour notes of red fruits, orange and strong sherry.

Ardbeg Wee Beastie

At 5 years old, Ardbeg Wee Beastie is younger than our good classic Ardbeg TEN. Thus, it is to be expected that he is stronger and wilder than his big brother, the name suggests it. And so it is, though not to the strong degree that the age difference would lead one to expect. Nose Initially, intense pepper and sea salt can be perceived. This is then joined by sweet notes of pine resin and the lovely smoke of an open campfire.

JAX 2023

This week in Mainz was JAX 2023 again, organized by Software & Support. It was nice, because slowly the conferences are getting more full, more real again. JAX was also hybrid and the organizers put a lot of effort into streaming all workshops and talks in parallel and connecting visitors at home via chat. But it’s not the same as on-site, sharing, discussing, laughing, eating and drinking. As I said, the conference consisted of workshops on Monday and Friday, and three days of keynotes, talks and panel discussions from Tuesday through Thursday.

Tideland Go Actor v0.3.0

I’m happy to share with you some news about the new release v0.3.0 of the Tideland Go Actor. This new version comes with a handful of exciting updates and improvements that make it easier and more efficient to work with Actors in Go. One important change in this release is the addition of the Repeat() method. This new feature allows developers to run background Actions in intervals, making it easier to handle long-running tasks in the background.

Glenfiddich 21 yo Gran Reserva

The Glenfiddich 21 yo Gran Reserva is certainly not the first malt I have come across from this distillery. More commonly known is the 12-year-old, an affordable and good entry-level whisky. But I have had the opportunity to enjoy a 21-year-old from the house before. This was the legendary Glenfiddich 21 yo Havana Reserve and it was really very good. But it was not allowed to be imported into the USA with that name.

Talisker 18 yo

One of the always very good distilleries is Talisker on the Isle of Skye. They produce malts with and without an age statement. The Talisker 18 yo has a mature age, which welcomes the gourmet with a beautiful golden color and a strong 45.8 %. Nose A wonderful aroma welcomes the connoisseur, it cannot deny its origin with sea salt and seaweed. But there are also sweet berries and a light caramel.

Dalmore Port Wood Reserve

The Dalmore Port Wood Reserve is marketed as No Age without any indication of age. However, there is information from the distillery that it is matured for 14 years in bourbon casks before it is finished for 2 to 3 years in Portuguese port wine casks. This makes it at least 16 years old. Nose The Dalmore Port Wood Reserve pleases, as is to be expected with its finish, with fruity and strong notes.

Bunnahabhain 12 yo

There are some of the relative cheap Islay whiskies which are in most collections. Like the Laphroaig 10 yo or the Ardbeg TEN. Another interesting one of them, completely without smoke, is the Bunnahabhain 12 yo. Nose The nose of the Bunnahabhain is strong difference from typical Islay whiskies. It’s a fresh and round fragrance, sweet with a hint of sultanas. and cereals. There are also nuts and very little smoke in the background.