Change of top level domain to dev

Frank Mueller
On Feb 28th the top level domain .dev has been available for all. So for me as a developer it’s the best possible TLD to get. One day later I reserved two different ones: as a replacement for my former personal domain and as a replacement of all my different Tideland domains into one. The personal domain is now changed, the Tideland domains will follow these days. Then I also have to change the new Go mono repository I’m migrating my packages to.

Restart of the blog

Frank Mueller
Those who visited my blog before will recognize that I deleted several – most – of my old blog entries. The reason has been my disaffection with the way I’ve done it before. The mix of the content and the long gaps between two entries did not feel good and attractive. So I had to think about how to change it, what my topics shall be. I found two major topics.