JAX 2023

Frank Mueller
This week in Mainz was JAX 2023 again, organized by Software & Support. It was nice, because slowly the conferences are getting more full, more real again. JAX was also hybrid and the organizers put a lot of effort into streaming all workshops and talks in parallel and connecting visitors at home via chat. But it’s just not the same as being on site, sharing, discussing, laughing, eating and drinking.

Tideland Go Slices v0.1.1

Frank Mueller
So far I had not missed generics in Go. Much could be solved via interfaces or closures. And with the disgusting syntactic aberrations of other languages when dealing with generics, I was rather afraid that the elegant simplicity of Go could be lost. As of Go 1.18, Google’s language now handles generics after much discussion. I have always appreciated the implicit simplicity with which, for example, types in a statement like