Tideland Go Actor v0.3.0

Frank Mueller
I’m happy to share with you some news about the new release v0.3.0 of the Tideland Go Actor. This new version comes with a handful of exciting updates and improvements that make it easier and more efficient to work with Actors in Go. One important change in this release is the addition of the Repeat() method. This new feature allows developers to run background Actions in intervals, making it easier to handle long-running tasks in the background.

Migrated Go Actor and Go Wait

Frank Mueller
As described a few days ago, I am migrating individual packages of the Tideland libraries to owb repositories. I have already described my motivation for this. In the meantime, two more packages have been migrated to the main level: Tideland Go Actor and Tideland Go Wait. The package Tideland Go Actor pursues the idea to realize concurrency in Go not only via CSP, but also with the Actor Model. It picks up a bit the concept of the Erlang/OTP module gen_server.