Dalmore Port Wood Reserve

The Dalmore Port Wood Reserve is marketed as No Age without any indication of age. However, there is information from the distillery that it is matured for 14 years in bourbon casks before it is finished for 2 to 3 years in Portuguese port wine casks. This makes it at least 16 years old.


The Dalmore Port Wood Reserve pleases, as is to be expected with its finish, with fruity and strong notes. They are determined by plums and blood oranges. There are also currants and a small hint of toffee.


The taste is then wonderfully strong. The blood oranges are found again, along with delicious cranberries. Then there is some dark chocolate with creamy caramel. At the end, a nice pinch of white pepper wins.


In the finish, the Dalmore pleases with warmth and intensity for a long time. It’s nice how the spiciness of the pepper is taken over and gently dissipates.

All in all, Dalmore has succeeded in creating a wonderful drop. Intense and powerful, round and warm, long and soothing. It’s fun and always ends up on the re-procurement list after consumption. I rate it with a nice 93/100 points high up among my malts.