Talisker 18 yo

One of the always very good distilleries is Talisker on the Isle of Skye. They produce malts with and without an age statement. The Talisker 18 yo has a mature age, which welcomes the gourmet with a beautiful golden color and a strong 45.8 %.


A wonderful aroma welcomes the connoisseur, it cannot deny its origin with sea salt and seaweed. But there are also sweet berries and a light caramel. In the background, there is quite a bit of vinegar.


The taste of Talisker 18 yo is pleasantly soft and warm. The most important component is nut, but also pleasant smoke and pepper. It’s nice to notice how oily this drop is, leaving a pleasant feeling on the tongue.


After this soft taste, it gets intense. Long lasting, lots of complex spices on the tongue and a strong warmth with some smoke in the throat reminds of every sip enjoyed before, very nice.

One notices Talisker’s Nordic origin. While the wind beats the waves of the sea against the cliffs and the salty spray blows over the meadows. And together with everything that the bushes and forests of the hinterland have to offer, a varied, intense and beautiful drop was created. And so, with its 91/100 points, it belongs to the very good malts.