I'm off then

The Facebook corporation was a thorn in my side early on with its handling of personal data for advertising purposes. On top of that, Facebook itself showed me how difficult it is to keep conversations in check. That’s why I deleted my Facebook account a while ago. It was the same with Instagram as another service of the Facebook group. As a messenger, I have been using WhatsApp for a long time.

Change of top level domain to dev

On Feb 28th the top level domain .dev has been available for all. So for me as a developer it’s the best possible TLD to get. One day later I reserved two different ones: as a replacement for my former personal domain and as a replacement of all my different Tideland domains into one. The personal domain is now changed, the Tideland domains will follow these days. Then I also have to change the new Go mono repository I’m migrating my packages to.

Open, not closed

These days it happened again. This time it has been Twitter which changed the services it provides and forced external applications to change due to changes of the API. So it more and more follows Facebook to become a propriatary system, closed and best without any external client. But there are definitely better clients than the original one, in my case it’s Tweetbot. This change made me thinking about all those closed systems today.