Tideland Go Wait v0.2.0

The package Tideland Go Wait reached v0.2.0 due to a new added feature. It now contains the type Throttle to provide a limited processing of events per second, e.g. for web handlers. The events are simple closures or functions with a given signature. The limit and a burst size for the maximum number of events during one call are defined at throttle creation. Example A throttled wrapper of a http.Handler.

Migrated Go Actor and Go Wait

As described a few days ago, I am migrating individual packages of the Tideland libraries to own repositories. I’ve described my motivation for this before. In the meantime, two more packages have been migrated to the main level: Tideland Go Actor and Tideland Go Wait. The package Tideland Go Actor pursues the idea to realize concurrency in Go not only via CSP, but with the Actor Model. It picks up the concept of the Erlang/OTP module gen_server.