Talk about declarative APIs

As you know, I from time to time have the chance to give a talk about an interesting topic. Sometimes it’s pretty close to my work, sometimes it’s just inspired by my own ideas. In this case it’s a mix. The conference this time had been the betterCode() API on 27.04.2022. Here I had the talk “Let the computer do it - Usage of declarative APIs”. It describes the troubles of today usual imperative APIs and how to use them in a declarative way.

Talks on GoDays 2020

In January 21 to 23, 2020 are the next GoDays in Berlin, Germany. And I hope it will be a great conference for all Gophers again like it has been this year too. While being a passive visitor last time I’ll be active with two slots this time: First one will be a workshop from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on 21st together with Nico Schieder and Indradhanush Gupta. We’ll introduce you in Kubernetes as platform for own components, because it can do more than deploy and manage containers.

Enjoy functions

What shall be special when working with functions? They are part of software development almost since beginning, there’s even the paradigm of functional programming. So what’s special with functions in Go? Simple answer: nothing. But true to the motto of the language the work with functions and their relatives, the methods, is very pragmatic. And so they get parts of elegant solutions. Let’s start with quite simple functions. They can be small, having none, one, more or a variable number of parameters.