Tideland Go Audit v0.5.0

Frank Mueller
While step by step reorganizing the Tideland Go libraries the one for testing your projects reached a new version. I’ve just released the Tideland Go Audit v0.5.0. As it already is a very robust and complete library there are only few changes. The asserts package now provides the additional assertions NotOK() and AnyError(). In case of asserting tests and using Failable like testing.T their provided Logf() and Errorf() will be used for output.

Tideland Go Library v0.2.0

Frank Mueller
Here it is, a new minor release of the Tideland Go Library. It’s the new v0.2.0 and contains some smaller changes. You can read about it inside the CHANGELOG. But it also contains two bigger blocks. One has been the splitting of the somehow poor designed and organized webbex into the new httpx and web. The other one is the even bigger one, I needed most of the time for it.

Tideland Go Library v0.1.0

Frank Mueller
It costed some time, but now I’m happy to release v0.1.0 of the Tideland Go Library. Some of you may wonder, because I already had a Go library and once started to break it into individual repositories. But then different discussions happened. The introduction of Go modules. The discussions about mono-repos or multi-repos. Microsoft was buying GitHub with the insight about the dependency of one provider, regardless who it is.