Tideland Go Audit v0.6.5

Frank Mueller
There are times when you find a bug in your software. Today it had been in my testing library TIdeland Go Audit. Here the assertion ErrorContains() reacted with a panic in case of a nil error. So I fixed it like I already had done it earlier in ErrorMatch(). Interestingly I found in testing that I didn’t verified it there. So this test is now also changed. Additionally during tests for a different library with high concurrency I, or better go test during the tests, discovered a race condition.

Tideland Go Audit v0.5.0

Frank Mueller
While step by step reorganizing the Tideland Go libraries the one for testing your projects reached a new version. I’ve just released the Tideland Go Audit v0.5.0. As it already is a very robust and complete library there are only few changes. The asserts package now provides the additional assertions NotOK() and AnyError(). In case of asserting tests and using Failable like testing.T their provided Logf() and Errorf() will be used for output.