C&S Dram Senior Balblair 21 yo

After a Balblair 27 yo from 1974, I was interested in more special bottlings of these malts. A hunt via eBay then led me to this C&S Dram Senior Balblair 21 yo. Cheap at the time of purchase, now hardly available or only at a premium.


This particular Belblair welcomes the nose with a very special aroma. It contains intense, partly sour notes of red fruits, orange and strong sherry. Pleasantly musty. It is accompanied by a nice dark chocolate of at least 90%. It finishes with a hint of sulfur. This is peculiar, but it is fitting.


On the tongue, the malt is sweet, but also very spicy. This fits the aroma, as do the notes of chocolate and nuts here. This is complemented by nice oak, strong sherry and dried fruits like apricots and dates.


The wonderful journey is completed by a long, warm and intense finish. Slightly dry, this lasts pleasantly long and rounds off the enjoyment of this wonderful malt.

With the C&S Dram Senior Balblair 21 yo, Dram Senior has succeeded in creating a beautiful and special drop based on this little-known distillery. Like the 27 yo, this brandy is worthwhile. I give it 93/100 points.