The Balvenie Single Barrel Sherry Cask 15 yo

The The Balvenie Single Barrel Sherry Cask 15 yo with its 47.8% is a special drop. It is not available in every store, I ordered it in France. This was easy for me, even without a previous tasting, as none of my Balvenies have ever disappointed me so far. So also this time.


The nose of this malt immediately greets with wonderful notes. There are fruits such as cranberries and beautiful orange. In addition, there is the oak and the sherry of the barrel. Exciting here is an intense yet not too strong mix of spices with cloves, various herbs and also some salt. The end is formed by light adhesive notes.


The orange is immediately found in the taste, as well as the oak. But they are very much accompanied by dark chocolate. The end is formed by some pepper. It is nice how it becomes even rounder, warmer and more harmonious with each sip.


As nice as the nose and taste are, the finish is just as nice. The Balvenie is a long lasting warm drop, until the end you can find the sherry notes. This is a nice way to enjoy this particular malt.

Balvenie has succeeded with this 15-year-old single barrel a wonderful drop. The price is certainly not without, it is not a malt for quick takeaway. But it is worth every euro. With me, it reaches 91/100 points.