Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC10 Tro Na Linntean

Sometimes there is something special. This Christmas it was the Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC10 Tro Na Linntean, which I got as a birthday present from my family last year. It’s a 10-year-old Islay at 59.8%. the peat content is 40ppm. This Christmas I finally opened it.


A very nice and strong aroma of lemon, barley malt, nuts, oak and maritime notes. Further in the background pineapple, honeydew melon and some peppermint. And as befits an Islay, peat and smoke are added.

With a little water, the peat and smoke decrease, but the aroma becomes increasingly fruity, almost sweet. Only a little salt in the background.


The variety of aromas is fully preserved in the flavour, although peat, smoke and spice are the main ingredients. Together they form a rounded mixture that becomes more and more beautiful with each further approach.

The taste remains nicely spicy and tingling on the tongue with the water. But overall, it now becomes more nutty and chocolaty.


The strong warmth of the flavour lingers long and strong in the finish. So the connoisseur gets something out of this drop for a long time.

The finish is made even longer and more beautiful by the additional water. It lasts long after swallowing.

The bottle was limited to 6000 bottles, mine bears the number 1764. It is not exactly an everyday drop, but much more a nice strong one for those special days, especially in the cold season. Thanks to the cask strength, you can vary. I’m actually a fan of the pure malts, even with high alcohol content. And you can do that here. But with a little water it is even better. With 93/100 points, it has earned a very good place with me.