Bowmore 15 yo

Some time ago I already had the Bowmore No. 1 as a small addition to a Bowmore 12 yo. And it was also with this 15-year-old, but as a result will still find his in my collection. It pleases with its post-maturation in Oloroso Sherry casks and its price is really fair.


The Bowmore 15 yo pleases the nose with very pleasant salty sea notes, which make the location of the distillery clear. A nice freshness, plus some smoke from the houses near the coast are reflected in the aroma. Everything is rounded off by the beautiful notes of sherry.


On the palate, the Bowmore surprises with a nice sweetness on the tip of the tongue. This continues to be accompanied by smoke and, in this case, a strong sherry. But the oak of the barrels can also be found. Pungency and spice, on the other hand, are only slight.


Even in the finish, this whisky is wonderfully pleasantly smoky with nice sherry notes - all nicely fitting. There is also some sweetness as well as the oak of the cask again. This pleases.

All in all, I really liked this single malt, I give it an 85/100 points. And since I had just emptied a few bottles again, I now have room in my cupboard. There I strike again at the next opportunity.