A chance is given

From time to time, the opportunity presents itself for a decision that would not normally be necessary. However, it opens up the possibility of moving in a direction that is both reminiscent of beautiful points in the past, appealing in its environment and brings a nice new challenge. A few months ago this opportunity reached me through a contact over Internet and with the beginning of this month it has become effective.

However, from the beginning. I started my last professional job about three and a half years ago. It was the small Hamburg company Loodse with its worldwide distributed employees and a cuddly mascot. At the time of my start we were just under 25 employees. On the one hand, the company produces powerful software for the setup and management of Kubernetes clusters, and on the other hand, it advises and trains companies on the subject of Kubernetes. Today, the company’s name is international Kubermatic and it has just over 100 employees. It has been fun every day to accompany this company on this journey. Through various steps, I held the role of a team leader in software development here at the end with 10 great colleagues. I would like to greet and thank them all again here. And also the rest of the colleagues includes many great people. They have been a lot of fun and I look forward to meeting them at conferences in the future.

With that, there was no reason to change. However, if you look at the current market, there are mountains of job offers pelting experienced developers in Cloud Native and Kubernetes. It’s sad how often these are poorly researched. They offer no motivation, don’t fit my career path, or are trying to convince me to move. With that said, with some exceptions, this is not something that makes me bright-eyed. At the same time, however, I still had an open wish. The world of clouds and Kubernetes may be technologically fascinating, but it lacks a view of the business units. These used to be part of my work in different roles. And I wanted to have that comprehensive view of everything again, not just the technology.

And then came the job offer that matched this. It was the role of Director Technological Architecture Platform with the task of taking responsibility for a company’s IT architecture with my own team. This sounded technologically and professionally interesting from the description, however, it became even more interesting for me. The company is sonnen and is active in the field of electricity storage and renewable energy. Green energy has motivated me since I was in high school. All of our conversations after making contact were fun, we immediately hit it off on many points. As a result, we ended up signing a contract.

On June 1, I started my job. Most of my work will continue to be remote. From time to time, however, I also visit Berlin - as I did in the very first week - or Wildpoldsried. Getting to know each other directly and the first video chats were great. It was friendly, open, immediately with a lot of fun, interest and constructive exchange. This is now continuing with technical and planning discussions. And I am looking forward to my first visit to Wildpoldsried, because this place is located in the beautiful Allgäu.