Tideland Go Audit v0.6.5

There are times when you find a bug in your software. Today it had been in my testing library TIdeland Go Audit. Here the assertion ErrorContains() reacted with a panic in case of a nil error. So I fixed it like I already had done it earlier in ErrorMatch(). Interestingly I found in testing that I didn’t verified it there. So this test is now also changed.

Additionally during tests for a different library with high concurrency I, or better go test during the tests, discovered a race condition. I’m using math.Rand in generators.Generator and it is not safe for concurrent use. In most cases, just as it is a simple test data generater, it has been okay. But now I wanted to use this opportunity and so I fixed this bug too.

The documentation still can be found at pkg.go.dev, the project sources at GitHub. Enjoy it.