Glenmorangie 14 yo Quinta Ruban

The Glenmorangie 14 yo Quinta Ruban is a beautiful variant of the Glenmorangie. Aged longer than typical 10 or 12 year olds, matured in ex-bourbon casks with a finish in Ruby Port Pipes. The result is an affordable Highland malt with 46%.


The Quinta Ruban caresses the nose with a scent of beautiful dark and strong oranges and chocolate. There is damp wood in the background. Scents of exotic spices and flowers complete the beautiful picture. You don’t even want to start drinking it, it smells so nice.


A deliciously lush yet soft taste tickles the tongue. It contains many fruity notes, of which the tangerine is the most intense. Next to this is the beautiful chocolate of the nose, rounded off by nuts and lots of spices.


The malt goes down the throat nicely long lasting and warm, also notes like chocolate and orange are pleasantly found here.

A wonderfully rich drop, warm, round and long lasting. I also like the mix of strong chocolate and orange in chocolates. Here it’s rounded off by the spices and the lovely notes of a mature single malt. And so this Glenmorangie achieves 88/100 points.