Highland Park Cask Strength Release No. 1

You may know my preferences for cask strength whiskies in general as well as whiskies by Highland Park. And so the Highland Park Cask Strength Release No. 1 is a very special whisky for me. I bought it last year and today I opened it today. It has 63,3% alcohol and is very well balanced. I like it.


What an intense aroma, given by the high alcohol content. It immediately rises to the nose and is accompanied by fresh and fruity notes. These include citrus, mainly orange here, and still nice vanilla, toffee, and honey. This is delicious and suits the cask strength.


The taste is again dominated by orange and vanilla. In addition, there is an intense pepper note, which fortunately does not drown out the actual taste.


The finish is not really surprising. It is wonderful long and warm and leaves the course to the stomach nicely. Together with the slight peat note, unusual for the Islands, a wonderful drop.

The Cask Strength Release No 1 is something special for a Highland Park, which I always like anyway. This intensity has something special and also gives room to gain further flavours with a little water. The range is wide and so a gift for the friends of Highland Park. I gave it 88/100 points.