Glenlivet 15 yo French Oak Reserve

Today I’m talking about a rather young malt in my collection. However, the “young” does not refer to its age, which is 15 years. But I bought it only last month. Today it’s about the Glenlivet 15 yo French Oak Reserve. It was allowed to mature in French Limousin oak casks from the Dordogne and is one of the cheapest on the market.


This is a pleasant and strong aroma, dominated by the beautiful scent of cedar wood. In the background, there are also fruity oranges and the flowers of springtime shrubs. Cashew nuts can still be found at the very back.


On the palate, the Glenlivet really packs a punch, nice and strong. It is salty at the front of the tongue and very spicy towards the back. There is a strong dark cocoa of good quality on the way in, not your typical sweet drink for in between. This taste is easily accompanied by the equally strong taste of plum.


If nose and taste have already been nicely served, the journey ends pleasantly long and nicely warm in the process. A wonderful finish.

All in all, it is a pleasant surprise for this price. I would have expected less, but I received a nice round package. And this has received 82/100 points from me.