Highland Park Spirit of the Bear

In today’s Tastin Notes, I’m describing a special single malt. It is the Highland Park Spirit of the Bear. But what makes it special for me? It’s not the age, the alcohol content or the price. It’s much more the place of purchase. It was in a duty free at Munich airport. Otherwise, the malt is not exactly special. Matured in a sherry cask and with 40 % alcohol, it comes without age and is quite cheap.


Unlike many other Highland Parks, Spirit of the Bear has a very leochy aroma. The nose is caressed by berry fruits and a sea of flowers.


This malt is also only slightly spicy on the palate. Light notes of salt and nutmeg form the prelude. They pass into nutmeg and end with sweet vanilla notes.


The finish of this whisky is only medium long but warm. It is pleasant without being scratchy and pleases with slightly smoky notes.

It’s not a special Highland Park, I’ve had and still have better ones in my collection. But at this price, it’s okay. It scores 61/100 points in my rating.