Glenrothes Halloween Edition 13yo 2019

And again, new tasting notes for my single malt collection, today the Glenrothes Halloween Edition 13yo 2019. After that, more will follow at a faster pace, as I’m formulating the keyword notes in my database. After that comes another change, but more on that in the conclusion.


The nose of the Glenrothes is surprising. As always, it contains vanilla and orange, plus floral notes. But the traces of smoke, salt and wet oak are exciting. This is not usually found so strongly in Glenrothes.


With the taste, the surprise takes full effect and it becomes clear why this malt is the Halloween Edition. It contains an unusual amount of smoke and ash for a Speyside. In addition, this whisky tastes of very strong dark chocolate with 99%. Peppery notes and the sweetness of dried fruit round off the taste.


The finish of the Glenrothes is also almost like an Islay. It is strong, very warm and smoky. It can be felt for a long time. But the creamy notes are still nice, as one is used to from the regular Glenrothes.

All in all, it is a surprising Glenrothes, its name fits. The friend of this distillery can also treat himself to the Halloween Edition, it simply fits.

The innovation mentioned above will be the rating. Until now, it was a simple score between 0 and 10, but it sometimes seemed too rough to me. So I have changed my database - not all the values yet, just the system - and now I give the nose, taste, finish and the overall expectation a score between 0 and 25. The overall score will therefore be between 0 and 100, although it will probably be the upper third in many cases. In the case of the Glenrothes Halloween Edition 13yo 2019, it is 79/100 points.