Talisker 10 yo

My whisky today was the young Talisker 10 yo. As a Nordic malt from the Islands, it has its own taste, not comparable to the Speysides but also not like the Islays. It is a strong and beautiful drop with 45.8%.


The aroma of the nose and wonderfully strong. At first it is salty and also slightly smoky. Then there is some seawater and even a bit of the aroma of lemon in the background.


The taste is sweet but also a little smoky. There was also some barley malt and dry fruits. Last but not least, there was an intense pepper note, but not too much.


As it should be, the malt was nice and warming on the finish. It is intense and lingers for a long time. Again, the peppery notes of the flavour are found at the end.

This 10 year old doesn’t hold a candle to the 18 year old or even the 25 year old. But it is tasty, balanced and strong. And so it gets 73/100 years points from me.