Glengoyne 18yo

A malt that is already in my collection since February 2019 and was opened only now, is the Glengoyne 18yo matured in sherry casks. I bought it blind on sale at the time, but I already knew the 15yo. Now I was pleasantly surprised by this wonderful natural colored Highland.


On the nose you immediately notice its sherry, a fruity mix of dark fruits, sort of like blood oranges or raisins. And yet it’s sweet, kind of like dark rock candy. It also has light vanilla notes, very pleasant.


Here the Glengoyne was then very nice and strong, spicy and warm, with some spiciness. The sherry asserts itself again, with its notes of malt, fruit and strong dark chocolate. A pleasant complexity for the evening.


On the finish, this whisky retains its warmth. Complex and persistent, but not too overpowering. This pleases.

All in all, Glengoyne has succeeded in creating a nice and reasonably priced single malt with this 18 year old. It is certainly not a high end, but it is worth its price and the connoisseur receives a round drop for beautiful autumn evenings. With me, this malt has received 84/100 points.