Tideland Go Audit v0.5.0

While step by step reorganizing the Tideland Go libraries the one for testing your projects reached a new version. I’ve just released the Tideland Go Audit v0.5.0. As it already is a very robust and complete library there are only few changes.

  • The asserts package now provides the additional assertions NotOK() and AnyError().
  • In case of asserting tests and using Failable like testing.T their provided Logf() and Errorf() will be used for output. This way there are less conflicts with some CI environments.
  • The generators package now also contains a OneOf() returning one of the given variadic parameters.

The library Tideland Go Audit supports testing Go projects in multiple ways:

  • Package asserts provides functions for assertions helpful in tests and validation.
  • Package capture allows capturing of STDOUT and STDERR.
  • Package environments provides setting of environment variables, creation of temporary directories, and running web servers for tests.
  • Package generators simplifies generation of test data. In case of initializing it with a fixed random the generated values are also repeatable.

Documentation can be found at pkg.go.dev, the project sources at GitHub. Enjoy it.