Happy Birthday, little Gopher

Today we’re celebrating the birthday of our little gopher, Googles programming language Go turns 10. A decade of growing and getting better every year without breaking the promise of source code compatibility. So the community grew to about two million developers world wide and we can find a pretty large number of projects developed in Go. Especially many projects of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation are using Go for implementation, like Docker and Kubernetes, Etcd and Prometheus.

Gophers 10th Birthday

When Go started in 2009 I immediately started to dive into it too. Reason has been my interest in concurrent languages. l already used Erlang/OTP the years before and so quickly got the concepts of Go. Talks, articles, and a book followed, and since 2011 I’m using Go professionally. Cloud provisioning, a logistics application based on micro-services, Ethereum, and Kubernetes, Googles language always has been a good companion. And as you know you can find my private stuff labeled Tideland.

For German readers I wrote a little news about the last decade for Heise Developer.

Happy birthday, little Gopher!