Restart of the blog

Those who visited my blog before will recognize that I deleted several – most – of my old blog entries. The reason has been my disaffection with the way I’ve done it before. The mix of the content and the long gaps between two entries did not feel good and attractive. So I had to think about how to change it, what my topics shall be.

I found two major topics. First one has to do with my job which is also my hobby. It’s about software engineering. Here I like the whole bandwidth from gathering good requirements up to run good maintainable project or product. And there are so many interesting aspects inside of it,regarding the the architecture, the used technologies, the process, and the team management. This will be one block, e.g. by based on translations of my columns for a German magazine, articles, or experiences made in my job.

The second major topic is interesting in general and today even more. It’s about politics and its responsibilities for ecology, economy, and social communities worldwide. And surely how we as voters and members of our society are responsible for it too. Politics is not only passive,allowing to beef about decisions we don’t like. It’s about discussing with other voters, with influencing the parties, and with even get active inside an existing or a new party. We are all responsible for it.

Surely there will be more different topics too. There’s different stuff I’m interested in. But those entries have to be more than just “I have been here." and “I have done that.". They have to be more about thoughts and opinions, possibly based on events with or without me. We’ll see.